Film and mini-concert

14 Dec 2019

Film and mini-concert

16 Nov 2019

Mini-concert and film

12 Oct 2019

ANIMATIONS - Russian dance concert. Mini-concert of "Class Dance" Russian dance studio: Russian Quadrille, Matryoshka, Chibatukha, Metelitsa, Valenky.
PROJECTION - Russian cinema
Movie "The Clever Maria" after Eugene Schwartz's play "The Tale of the Brave Soldier".

Film " Hoffmaniada"

21 Sep 2019

On the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the S. A. Guerassimov National Institute of Cinematography - VGIK

Film " L'Île au trésor "

21 Sep 2019

Film " L'Île au trésor " version of Robert Louis Stevenson's famous novel

Scool «La Petite Russie» in Cannes.

30 Aug 2019


26 Aug 2019

Film "LETO (SUMMER)" (original version with French subtitles) is in official selection at the 2018 Cannes Film Festival, 71st edition.
Screening devoted to the Russian Cinema Day (August 27)

Vacation! Vacation

21 Jun 2019

Jazz Soleil

19 Jun 2019

We invite you to the jazz concert of the group "Made in France". Jazz improvisation in the context of themes inspired by different cultures of the group members. Their original compositions tell about travels, memories, feelings, and emotions. The concert will be held with the participation of singer Cathy Palvair. Fire, improvisation, energy and a sense of risk - all this Cathy embodies masterfully on the stage.

Full information about the concert and ticket purchases can be obtained by 06 81 45 50 70

Film "Piter FM

13 Jun 2019

Film "Piter FM" (vostf)
The projection of the film is devoted the day of Russia - June 12.

Film "7 Boozers"

29 May 2019

Premiere of the film "7 BOOZERS" on May 30: Le Gray d'Albion, Cannes

Future. The society of consumption has come to an end. No horses, no cars.The most popular form of transport becomes a bicycle.Seven drunkards go in search of the Divine bar where they are waited by happiness, wealth, glory and love of beautiful women.Guys do not know one thing - to be in the Divine bar you need to say goodbye to your life ...

Film "Number One Battery"

08 May 2019

"Number One Battery" movie (original version with English subtitles)
The film screening is dedicated to Victory Day.

Russian-Orthodox Easter

27 Apr 2019

We invite everyone to the concert  Russian-Orthodox Easter

Dinner show "Our hearts in flowers"

25 Apr 2019

Film «The Outbreak»

08 Apr 2019

The Canneseries international festival will host the premiere of the Russian television series "The Outbreak"

Film "Jack Frost"

30 Mar 2019

Screening of the film "Jack Frost"  in Cannes. 


09 Mar 2019

Concert "Privet Vesna"

23 Feb 2019

We are organizing a concert with a participation of the "Dance Class" of the Russian School of Cannes.
Youlia Bouslenko, singer of Russian origin, will perform some Russian songs in French and will present our association "Russian Seasons"
Come to discover our culture and share with us the warm moments of early spring!

The conference "Chess and computers"

18 Jan 2019

The conference "Chess and computers" of Saturday, January 19, 2019.
The Chess Method of Grandmaster International Dorfman.

Concert Russian New Year

11 Jan 2019

Exhibition "Art near Russian Christmas"

03 Jan 2019

Exhibition of paintings "Art near Russian Christmas" from 4 January to 4 February 2019 from 10:30 to 19:00
We are pleased to invite you to the Alexandra Otieva painters exhibition.

Russian Christmas Market

02 Jan 2019

Christmas Tree

21 Dec 2018

The exhibition "Russian Seasons"

21 Sep 2018

We are pleased to invite you to the exhibition of painters Svetlana Militsina Leskova and Alena Davidovskaya,of the Club "Russian Seasons".
22 Saturday from 09:00 to 18:00 Free admission:
Palace of Festivals and Congresses, 1 boulevard de la Croisette,Cannes.

Concert "Russian Seasons"

21 Sep 2018

Concert the association "Russian Seasons"
Classe Russian Dance and Yulia Bouslenko.
22 Saturday from 10:00 to 10:30  Free admission:
Palace of Festivals and Congresses, Espace Riviera, 
1 boulevard de la Croisette,Cannes.

"Le Carrousel de l'Art Russes"

12 Sep 2018

"Le Carrousel de l'Art Russes" the exhibition of the painters:
❁ Svetlana Militsina Leskova
❁ Iskander Ilyazov
❁ Nikolaï Kojoukhovski
❁ Elena Zimovets
Organized by club "Russian Seasons" from Thursday 13 to Saturday15 September 2018 from 10:30 to 19:30
Address: L'atrium du Le Gray d'Albion, 60 Rue d'Antibes, Cannes

Vernissage "Les Saisons de l'Art Russe"

23 Aug 2018

Vernissage "Les Saisons de l'Art Russe", August 24, 2018
We invite to the Vernissage of artists Svetlana Militsyna Leskova and Alena Davydovskaya of club "Russian Seasons".
The exhibition of paintings will be held from 25 to 30 August 2018

Vernissage “Russian ART Seasons”

22 Aug 2018

Welcome to Vernissage “Russian ART Seasons” on Thursday, August 23 at 18:30 p.m.
The joint exhibition runs from 23 to 30 August in 3 galleries with 3 artists:
✽ Svetlana Militsina Leskova
✽ Irina Sokolova Guida
✽ Iskan (Iskander Ilyazov)


Recital - Dmitri Voronov, baritone

02 Aug 2018

Recital - Dmitri Voronov, baritone and Maryna Rashchenia, piano
Friday, August 3, 2018 at 8:00 pm, Villa Saint Michel, Cannes.


20 Jul 2018

The Club "RUSSIAN SEASONS" invites you and your friends to a beach picnic named "Art-Picnic" on Saturday July 21, 2018
On the program: Art @ Picnic @ Live music @ Fireworks
Exhibition of paintings by artist Svetlana Militsina
Music set by Jean Establet

Russian ART Seasons

05 Jul 2018

 The vernissage of "Russian Art Seasons" on July 6 at 19-00 in Espace Henri Mathieu 251, Avenue du 23 aout - La Napoule

Holidays! Holidays!

22 Jun 2018

Russia Day

11 Jun 2018

Concert "Children's Day"

31 May 2018

Concert of the class of musical and choreographic "Kalinka Classe Dance" of the school "La Petite Russie" on the Children's Day - June 1.

07 Apr 2018

March 8 !

07 Mar 2018

SPECTACLE Karenine Anna

12 Jan 2018

Spectacle Anna Karenina is a novel by the Russian writer Leo Tolstoy Widely regarded as a pinnacle in realist fiction.

Théâtre Alexandre III
19 boulevard Alexandre III, Cannes
TICKET BOOKING   Tél : 06 09 97 85 70

Christmas Tree

22 Dec 2017

"Christmas Tree" for children.

The program: games with Old Man Frost, Snow girl and Baba Yaga.

30 Oct 2017

Vernissage of Mona Berga

21 Sep 2017

Vernissage of Mona Berga

08 Sep 2017

Art-Picnic by Mona Berga

23 Aug 2017

"Art-Picnic by Mona Berga" 
On the program: Art @ Picnic @ Live music @ Fireworks
Music set by Christian Jeangeorges

Saisons de l'Art Russes

16 Aug 2017

Le plaisir de vous convier au vernissage de "Saisons de l'Art Russes" qui aura lieu les Jeudi 17 août, à 19h à la "Galerie Espen Artdenor" a Cannes

Conference "Chess Method"

21 Apr 2017

Club " Russian Seasons " in Cannes organizes a conference of Grandmaster Iosif Dorfman Saturday, April 22 at 19-00. He will present his book "Method of Chess" and will explain the use of algorithm of this method not only in the game of chess but also in the real life.

Conference "Painting of Russian icons in France"

23 Feb 2017

The conference "Painting of the Russian icons in France" with the artist, the icon painter Vadim Garin. The author of the frescoes of the monastery of Saint-Arhange Mihail in Provence. The work at the monastery lasted 13 years and now covers 700 square meters. We find his work in other churches and chapels, in the Orthodox churches as well as in the Catholics ones : chapel of Sainte-Anne in Megève, frescoes of the Kyuzi church in Savoy, frescoes in the chapel of the Transfiguration in Entrecasteaux Provence and elsewhere. This meeting will take place in the friendly atmosphere where Vadim would like to share their experiences, which allowed him to better understand the meaning of icons and religious art.

Literary evening of the poetry of Pushkin.

09 Feb 2017

Soirée littéraire et musicale de la poésie d'Aleksandr Serguéévitch Poushkin.
Dédié à 180 ème anniversaire de la mort du poète.

Dans la soirée participent les élèves de l'école d'« Art Dramatique » et le studio « La Voix ».

"Russian Wednesday"

24 Jan 2017

Club "Seasons Russes" in Cannes, continues meetings in ChayKoffskiy
The subject of the meeting, the discussion of the events of the club.

New Year's Day

12 Jan 2017