Club  "Russian Seasons " 

      The Club is an international club bringing together those passionate about Russian art and culture, from artists - painters, sculptors, musicians, writers, actors, teachers, chefs and masters of all artistic professions to those who simply enjoy and appreciate art. 
      The founders and members of the “Russian Seasons” are representatives and admirers of Russian art, who believe that art is the true bridge between nations, a bridge that transcends language and national barriers and goes straight from heart to heart. Our mission is to build and reinforce this bridge by introducing and sharing the multi-facetted Russian art with those who love, appreciate or are simply curious about it.  

      Our aim is to introduce Russian artists to a larger international audience through the organization of lectures, seminars, cultural excursions, exhibitions, presentations, concerts and master classes. “Russian Seasons” welcomes artists and anyone who has an appreciation of Russian art and we will act as a platform for our members, both artists and it’s appreciators, to grow and develop culturally and personally and spread the beauty and light throughout our world.

Founders  club

« Russian Seasons »
 Mr. Nikita Sichov Advocate, 
Mrs. Nadezhda Vilskaya, 
Mr. Valery Bogachev.

 Maître Nikita Sichov Avocat, 
50 rue d'Antibes, 

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